Operational Excellence

As North America’s leading third party logistics company, Lean Six Sigma disciplines and operational excellence programs are combined to create a cohesive strategy for continuous improvement. We have LSS certified engineers on staff that conduct Lean Six Sigma training and instill a lean culture across our network. This creates a company of “Lean Thinkers” focused on enhancing customer value through the reduction of cost, cycle time, waste, and defect rates.

Operational Excellence Strategy


The Kenco Operating System combines tools, process, and principles to form a strategy for achieving operational excellence. Our vision of Operational Excellence is to leverage our most valued asset, our people, by bringing them together with the right processes and systems to ensure the highest level of execution possible for our customers.



Our ability to achieve Operational Excellence is driven through the following five key initiatives:

Safety Management

At Kenco, we take a proactive approach to ensure safety is an integral part of our culture.


Our Risk Management System provides structure for the management of a progressive and consistent safety program across multiple sites and customers, allowing us to keep our customer’s costs lower. Our corporate sponsored program includes: Employee Safety & Health, Claims Management, Fleet Safety (DOT), and Loss Prevention & Security.


Quality Management

Continuous improvement is the driving force behind our quality management system. Through a structured approach that allows for effective deployment and consistency we seek to reduce process, reduce variability, and increase quality. We ensure all requirements are documented according to the ISO-9001 2015 structure and are incorporated into the sites’ standard operating procedures. Through regular internal audits and program development, Kenco’s quality team provides support and industry expertise in FDA, OSHA, EPA, DEA, DOT, and numerous other compliance agencies.


Internal & External Communication

At Kenco, we understand internal and external communication are both key to our effectiveness and our customers’ success. Through knowledge sharing initiatives and established processes, we strive to facilitate a transparent and informed supply chain.

To ensure regular channels of communication with customers, we schedule regular reviews and planning meetings to identify opportunities and establish goals. We also establish open feedback channels to understand our customers’ needs.


Financial Management

The key is to never sacrifice safety, security, or quality for financial achievement. It is our responsibility to provide a financial system that will ensure the correct amount of information is gathered to maintain the cost requirements required by our customers. We collect information in 4 key areas:

  1. Cost Management
  2. Activity Based Costing
  3. Work Standards / Efficiency Improvement Process (EIP)
  4. Profile Management.


Labor Management

By combining our proprietary Labor Management Software with Activity Based Costing Principles and Lean Six Sigma focus; our sites have been able to consistently reduce costs and increase quality.


6S/Visual Managementvisual-management

Between 2011 and 2015 Kenco has saved over $25 million from LSS projects. By emphasizing visual management, standardization, and observation tools, such as Gemba walks, we eradicate unnecessary processes and bring the highest possible value to our customers.


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All of our decisions are based on the belief that why we do something should inform how we do it. At Kenco we exist for our customers and our operational excellence strategy reflects a commitment to their success. Contact us to learn more about our third party logistics services.

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