To be sustainable, we must meet the needs of today yet not prevent the generations of tomorrow from meeting their needs. Kenco will work side by side with our customers, suppliers and employees to seek to minimize our environmental footprint, positively impact our society and reduce costs through sustainable initiatives and supply chain innovation.

Kenco’s Position on Supply Chain Sustainability

Our sustainability mission is to assist customers in achieving their economic, environmental, and social responsibility goals. Sustainability includes environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and financial prosperity for all of our stakeholders. We want all of these things for our customers, suppliers, and employees as well as for Kenco. At Kenco, sustainability means operational continuity, enabled through our culture and strategy. We consider risk management and transparency essential to our sustainability mission.

Why is Sustainability a Corporate Focus?

  • Simply, it is the right thing to do
  • Sustainability is important to our owners, employees, and customers
  • Sustainability makes financial sense

What Are We Doing Today?

  • Employing full-time leader of sustainability to oversee and drive sustainability initiatives
  • Recycling materials which include glass, paper, metal, plastic, textiles, and electronics
  • Exploring alternatives for measuring the carbon (CO2) footprint of our sites
  • Developing site sustainability audit and a library of sustainability best practices
  • Using LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Buildings
  • Conserving energy using modern technology (Lighting, Skylights, Lighting Controls, and Improved Heating and Air Systems)
  • Utilizing Hybrid automobiles in company fleet
  • Conducting network optimizations to reduce waste
  • Governing trucks and training drivers on progressive shifting techniques to promote fuel conservation
  • Using APU’s (auxiliary power units) to reduce idle time and fuel consumption
  • Reducing use of paper with technology
  • Improving employees’ health and reducing healthcare costs with employee wellness initiatives
  • Managing Safety Programs to keep employees healthy, happy and productive
  • Serving community through United Way and other non-profit organizations
  • Reducing waste and costs using lean principles
  • Decreasing damage and rework with Quality program
  • Sponsoring Dr. Dale Rogers' research and his book on the sustainable supply chain
  • If you would like to see more, view Kenco's 2010 Corporate Responsibility Report

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What Are We Doing Tomorrow?

Kenco is exploring alternatives for measuring the carbon (CO2) footprint of our sites. Leveraging the same disciplines used to drive cost and waste out of our operations, we will seek to lower CO2 emissions from our established baseline.