Logistics Engineering

At Kenco Logistic Services, many of our customers come to us with specific issues they want to solve or processes they want to streamline. We employ more than 40 logistics engineers to invent data-driven solutions that improve both your bottom-line and operational efficiency. Our logistics engineering experience includes:

Our process starts with an analysis of your business and operational functions so that we can create a custom approach. Then we will supply improvement recommendations specific to your needs and your industry.

Case Studies

Waste tonnage reduced by 58%

Kenco’s sustainability mission is to assist customers in achieving their economic, environmental, and social responsibility goals. To accomplish Kenco’s and our customer’s sustainability goals, site management set out to reduce landfill waste and associated disposal fees, with the ultimate goal of achieving zero waste. Read more.

Lean implementation reduced labor costs by 10.45%

Kenco Logistic Services manages a 684,000 square foot packaging and distribution facility for a global diesel engine manufacturer. A solution was needed to achieve the annual cost target which was set by the customer’s budgeting process. The Kenco operation team took the cost challenge and viewed is an opportunity to implement LEAN. Read more.

Very narrow aisle guided system improves pallet locations by 66%

A major manufacturer of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems relies on Kenco to operate a warehouse that provides replacement service parts for residential and commercial heating and cooling units worldwide. Kenco’s customer wanted to consolidate a 600,000 square-foot facility and part of a 250,000 square-foot facility into a 474,000 square-foot facility. Read more.

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