Postponement & Kitting

Postponement Packaging

Since it is not always practical to warehouse items in their useable state, postponement packaging is a valuable service in the logistics industry. Kenco Logistic Services provides build-to-order services where final assembly of the finished good is performed to customer specifications just prior to shipping.  This value added service reduces costs for our customers and helps make our warehouses more space and energy efficient.


As a full-service logistics and warehousing company, we also offer kitting services where we assemble point of sale displays, product promotions, sample packs and other promotional packages for our customers.

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Related Case Studies

Development of packaging department within facility

Kenco’s customer needed to have storage capacity for packaging components, structure to provide the labor and setup to package what was at that time an unknown number of pieces. Kenco developed an enhanced, in-house packaging facility allow our partner to postpone packaging to last point of shipment, resulting in significant savings and supports multiple product brands with different packaging requirements. Read more.

Freight costs reduced by 49% with postponement packaging

Kenco operates a distribution center for a major manufacturer in the kitchen and bath industry. The customer was experiencing reduced trailer cube capacity due to the large packaging requirements of its complete product line. There was a strong desire to increase cube capacity and reduce freight expenses. Read more.

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