Pick and Pack

Pick and pack fulfillment cuts transportation and warehousing costs as well as order fulfillment times. Items are shipped in bulk quantities to the warehouse, then broken down and re-packaged at the warehouse according to your specifications or the end-consumer’s needs for distribution.

Optimized Order Fulfillment

As a leading logistics and warehouse management partner, Kenco provides custom value added services that fit our customer’s needs and improve efficiencies across the entire supply chain. Pick and pack provides incredible value and time-savings to our customers. Our warehousing customers can also take advantage of Kenco’s small parcel solutions for order fulfillment.

Pick Path Optimization

Since 1950, Kenco has specialized in warehouse management and distribution. We employ the expertise of more than 40 logistics engineers and a customized set of warehouse management systems to ensure continuous improvement for our customers. Whether improvement means restructuring the layout of your warehouse or creating custom labor or inventory management solutions, we can provide pick-path optimization to improve order fulfillment times and reduce wasted costs on labor and distribution.

Retail & Ecommerce Experience

Kenco is a logistics and supply chain partner to leaders in both retail and ecommerce. We deliver comprehensive services designed for mass and specialty retailers, as well as direct-to-consumer markets. Beyond our pick and pack fulfillment services, we also offer postponement packaging, demo kitting, and returns processing for our logistics customers. 

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Travel time during picking reduced by 65%, picking time reduced by 17%

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