MHE Tracking Software

Tracking, managing and maintaining material handling equipment is a complex process that is often the source of lost time and revenue. Fleet management staff strive to manage assets at their location, yet comprehensive identification of assets and their related costs is rarely achieved—and never across facilities.

Unify Material Handling Software

The MHE experts at Kenco Fleet Services have developed Unify, a proprietary web-based software that empowers clients to make informed and profitable MHE decisions.

Unify’s asset tracker catalogs every piece of equipment—from forklifts to batteries—putting a comprehensive understanding of company-wide assets at your fingertips. Beyond simple inventory, Unify:

  • Tracks asset utilization to enable liquidation of excess equipment for lower overhead
  • Enables informed planning by tracking lease start date, life expectancy and related costs
  • Identifies the truly hourly costs of equipment by incorporating lease, maintenance and parts, and work hours
  • Simplifies lease payments through consolidated invoicing
  • Monitors compliance while reducing losses through attachment compliance reporting

With our decades of fleet management experience, Unify can be customized to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to discuss the potential of Unify for your company. 

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