Transportation Management Systems (TMS)

Whether you're looking to add a TMS to your company or want to make sure your current TMS is the right fit, look for a partner rather than a product. The right partner can make all the difference.

At Kenco, we don't just offer a superior TMS system; we offer the service you need to get the most out of it. With self-service approaches, many shipping managers only utilize 20-30% of the functionality of the software; with Kenco you get the full value of your TMS from the moment it's in place.

Our clients see outcomes in three main areas from partnering with Kenco and utilizing our TMS:


Gain access markets and carriers; while facilitating the development of connections you already have in place and giving you a procurement advantage over other shippers.


Feel confident that shippers will be tended to the lowest-cost solution every time, whether the deciding factor is location, time, or another variable.


If you don't know where your shipments are in real time, you can't fix potential issues or communicate data to your anxious customers. With trustworthy real-time data and a knowledgeable partner, you’ll be able to commit to continuous improvement models and avoid the "time sink" and inaccuracies of manual control models.

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